Dear Valued Customer,

I begin with a sense of gratitude and pride about Infiniti Chit Funds Private Limited.

We have only grown stronger over the course of thelast one year. Ours is an exceptional organization with an extraordinary heritage and a promising future. Throughout a period of profound political and economic change around the country, our company has been steadfast in our dedication to the customers, communities and building many young entrepreneurs we serve while earning a fair return for our organization.

Chit Funds are a combination of saving scheme, borrowing scheme and a capital building technique to secure your future with finances. Our Advisory Panel and Chief Financial Assistants will help you structure your payments and help you identify the correct groups to suit your financial needs.

We have been reflecting strong performance in our ventures with prompt payments, process oriented workflow, best-in-class infrastructure. This progress is a function of continually making important investments, in good times and not so good times, to build our capabilities — people, systems and products.

We Thank EVERYONE associated with our organization to help build TRUST and a FUTURE to our Clients.

Varun Ramesh.