Mr. Ramesh Babu R, Director

A soft spoken gentleman to his true nature is a main supporting pillar of this organisation and his dedication is immense in any task he takes up. It is to be keenly observed that he has worked for 34 Long Years at Lakshmi Vilas Bank and has nurtured himself for building a very strong financial organisation. An Expert with operations and staff management, is a favorite person among all employees and is a perfect Director to steer the organization in its correct path. He is also the President of KALPANA SOUHARDA C0-OPERATIVE LIMITED.

He always says “ Practice and Hard work will always help you succeed”.

Mrs. Kalpana Ramesh, Director & CEO

A God Fearing, Passionate and a strong decision maker, With a vast experience of over 20 years in the finance industry in learning each and every aspect by facing difficult challenges and overcoming them today she stands tall with the immense networking capability with people and strives hard to protect the money invested in her organization. With a very straightforward attitude she is a firm person for people bending the rules and also offers a helping hand for people with genuine difficulties. She is also the Director at KALPANA SOUHARDA CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED.She also promotes entrepreneurs along her way by supporting and nurturing them with her experience. In Short, A Famous and Favorite Person with a lot of love and affection to her near and dear ones.

She always says “ Do Good, God is watching.”

Mr. Varun Ramesh, MBA, Director & CFO

An Entrepreneur of today's generation has now taken the responsibility of a Director, CFO at Infiniti Chit Funds Private Limited. On specializing in Financial Management from Christ College he has taken the company on his shoulders to deliver perfection. A Gentleman of perfection will reflect in even the devices he uses and a fan of “Apple Inc Products” which reflects his true personality in wanting the best for everyone, every time. He provides immense energy and manages clients on a daily basis. He is always reachable for queries and will be glad to share the knowledge to his clients.

He always says “ Quality and customer satisfaction is key to success”

Mrs. Annapurna, Director

A Dancer by passion and a charming person is the new incorporation of the family of Infiniti Chit Funds Private Limited and a very keen listener. She is the pillar to manage operations in house and ensure all compliance is met. The organisation has seen immense change in terms of documentation and compliance standards as she dedicates her time to each and every customer and their records. She keeps the office intact and gets all updates done within the stipulated time. A person with patience for all queries and keeps a sharp eye on all activates within the organisation and is vocal to have the best for all the customers.

She always says “ Everytime on paper builds trust and improves transparency”.